Hello, we design for print & screen. We love to work with Photography, Music, Cinema, Ecology, Food, Art, Education & NGO projects.

Green Shoots

The ten stories presented on this platform strive to document a selection of initiatives that are currently being implemented across ten European Union member countries, within the themes of underwater protection and regeneration, food production, transition from traditional to green energies in towns and cities, development of railway infrastructure and more.

We developed the Green Shoot’s website with sustainability as a prime concern, implementing this value throughout the development of this project. The internet is a power hungry medium: it consumes 416.2TWh per year (by comparison, that’s more than UK's entire yearly carbon footprint) and thus we thought it crucial to create a website with a minimal carbon footprint. We thus embraced the project’s ethos by making a number of technical and design choices. These included (1) hosting the website on a small server powered by green energy; (2) we compressed and meticulously wrote the source code, (3) we optimised the weight of the images and shortened their loading time, (4) we limited animation and simplified transitions, and finally, (5) we made a static version of the site to minimise server resources. [2022]

Visit website here

Concept development: María Goirigolzarri, Samira Damato, Nadine Rotem-Stibbe & Stefano Carini
Design: Nadine Rotem-Stibbe
Development: Théo Goedert & Max Franklin

World Press Photo

More than half of the planned World Press Photo exhibitions were cancelled or postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our answer was to create an online exhibition in order to make the incredible stories available for viewers all over the world.

The exhibition is laid out into a timeline with 42 photographers, 3 Long term Projects and 9 digital storytelling. We added exclusive videos of the jury and audio interviews from the photographers. [2021]

Concept development: Samira Damato
Concept and design: Nadine RS
Webdesign, tech lead: Théo Goedert
Webdev: Kamil & Max Franklin

Saffron Kitchen Project

Saffron Kitchen Project are a UK non-profit organisation based in Athens, founded in 2021. The NGO is addressing the problem of the refugee community and vulnerable people are facing many obstacles such as lack of food, job opportunities as well as inadequate social inclusion. Their solution is to create a path to employment through vocational and hospitality training as well as providing meals and job opportunities.

We guided them from the beginning with a visual language and the website creation, more to follow!

Visual Identity: Nadine RS
Webdesign, tech lead: Théo Goedert
Illustration: Milena Walter

École d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence

The École supérieure d'art d'Aix-en-Provence is a higher arts education and research school in the south of France.

The web design is based on the school's new graphic charter designed by Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain. Their visual language highlights the lines that make up the name of the city AIX as well as a choice of colours inspired by the four seasons of the year.

For the website we decided to extend the chromatic range to 35 predefined shades. This precise colour chart allows both a rigorous control of the visible colours, combined with the flexibility offered by their combinations to dress the pages of the site. The combinations ensure a levelled contrast between the text and the background colour. The strokes of the letters X from the logo are used in the background to reinforce the visual identity. The shaded lines accompany the visitor during their navigation, and their colour changes according to the latest events, as does the logo at the top of the page.

Coordinated by Sophie Kerlaux, communication officer and Christian Merlhiot, director of the establishment. [2020]

Hempiness Music Festival

HMF is a celebration of Music and Nature in the spirit of Sustainability, inaugurated in August 2019 in Norcia, Italy. HMF edition 2021 brings in the breathtaking background of the Monti Sibiliini National Park two days of great music and environmental awareness. Inspired by the Umbrian landscape, we designed and realised the visual identity, website and the website of the APS association.

Zik Zac

Visual communication of the 24th edition of the Zik Zac festival. This music festival, which took place at the Théâtre de Verdure in Aix-en-Provence, puts forward values such as accessibility, artistic quality and eco-responsibility.

The explosive, colorful and joyful visual is inspired by the spirit of the festival, the musical groups and the place.

Poster, animation, program, flyer, sticker, social media formats and more [2021]

Tikka Radio

TIKKA is an independent webradio whose programming focuses on the alternative and experimental music scene in Marseille.

The player of tikka.live is synchronised via API with the open-source tool LibreTime, which allows to program TIKKA's shows and lives.

We designed and produced Tikka's website and logo. The typefaces used are distributed by Velvetyne, a type foundry known for its royalty-free and open-source typography. [2019]


Visual artist Lokidolor, specialises in experimental jewellery, accessories and masks. We designed and developed his portfolio website. [2019]

Hallini Hanini

Samira Damato's second short film is about a family thrown into financial and emotional turmoil as British influence starts to dwindle on the island of Malta.

We designed Hallini Hanini's visual identity which includes a poster, titling, flyers, social network visuals and the website. [2020]